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Trading Warriors NFT is a collection of 4500 unique hand drawn warriors, living on polygon blockchain, which will allow you to get access to the P2E game and community treasury.

## year 2145 ##

The last Bitcoin has been mined. Centralized institutions were restricted decades ago. All that remains is the faint echo of a dark past.
Life in the metaverse was peaceful, with an abundance of plant and wildlife existing together in perfect harmony. This all changed in an instant, the day the most powerful solar event ever witnessed shook this world to its core.

Current system of peace and order collapsed as the metaverse descended into a wild and primitive state. They called this event, 'The Great Reset.' This was a blessing in disguise for those corrupt enough to take advantage.

A small group of shadowy elites immediately took advantage of this calamity. They used widespread panic as an excuse to establish Martial Law and founded the criminal organization notoriously referred to as the "CCC" (Centres of Centralized Control).
In mere months, the CCC had strangled the world's economy, leaving the working class ravaged and damning it's population to a lifetime of servitude.

A small caste of hardened warriors which call themselves "The Old Order" have successfully restored a few nodes already, and work tirelessly day and night to recruit more rebel soldiers as they amass their army.

The time has come to return to the battlefield once more and claim that which is yours: FREEDOM. POWER. DOMINION. GLORY.


Roadmap Pre-Minting Phase:

  • Community growth
  • Whitepaper release
  • Web Site Live
  • $TWAR contract
  • Trading Warriors NFT WL phase

Minting Phase:

  • Collection out for public sales
  • Community fund
  • $TWAR Liquidity Pool

Game Phase:

  • Alpha release of game (OG Warriors)
  • Gaming Assets collection release
  • Warriors Staking release
  • Trading Warriors Marketplace

Battle Phase:

  • Game ready for public (PvE, PvP and Teamfight)
  • Game ranking system
  • Proposal and Government Platform release
  • Trading Warriors Algorithm

Expansion Phase:

  • Team and Guild creations
  • Periodic Tournaments
  • Collaborations and Sponsorships

Roadmap V2

The team

Trading Warriors
Confused? We’ve scoured the old tomes to answer the most pressing questions.

Trading Warriors is a play to earn game based on NFTs minted on the Polygon Blockchain.

Each Player need to connect his Metamask Wallet and hold at least 1 Warrior NFT.

  • As soon as mint date will be announced, it will be possible to mint your own Warrior on the official website:
  • Joining the official Discord community: get your whitelist spot and don’t miss a chance to get advantages and airdrops:

There are different game modes in Trading Warriors:

  • PvP or PvE: Fight in single player or in co-op mode against other Warriors to earn $TWAR.
  • HUNTING: Go Hunt for some of the rarest Item NFTs in the metaverse!
  • CRAFTING: Use Trading Warriors Crafting system to increase your Item NFTs power.
  • STAKING: A true Warrior needs training! Generate passive incomes through Warriors NFTs staking platform.
  • COMMUNITY FUND: By participating in the Community Fund, Warriors NFT holders will receive passive incomes.
  • TOURNAMENTS AND EVENTS: Take part in the exclusive Warriors reserved tournaments and events!

further activities will be developed by the team and shared with the Trading Warriors Community.

  • 4500 unique Warriors will be released over the time at the public mint price of 80 MATIC.
  • Each Warrior will have aesthetic traits that will make him a “one of a kind”.
  • Each Warrior will be minted at level 0 and could reach level 50.
  • Each Warrior is going to have 4 game attributes .
    • Health
    • Attack
    • Agility
    • Luck
  • Every time a Warrior levels up, Players will get some SP (stats point) spendable on attributes depending on their game strategy. 

  • Players can obtain Item NFTs in many different ways: Hunting, Crafting, Trade on Trading Warriors Marketplace, giveaway and pre-sales minting.
  • Each Item NFT has a different effect during the fight, here are the main Item categories: Attack, Protection, Aura, Disabling, Magic.
  • In Trading Warriors, each Item NFT has 6 levels of rarity*: 
    • Common (lowest rarity)
    • Rare
    • Mythic
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Divine (highest rarity)
  • Rarity determines Item NFTs power effect and supply in game.
  • Players can increase Item rarities by merging together lower rarities Items using the Trading Warriors Crafting system.
  • More than 300 item NFTs for each rarity level will be available as soon as the game is released. Game updates will bring more items for Hunting activity.

*some special Items won’t be released with all rarities. 

  • In Trading Warriors fight is structured in a 3 vs 3 battle mode (both PvE and PvE mode)
  • Each Player will pick one Warrior from his Wallet as Captain, then will be able to choose the other two from those held in his Wallet or select them from a random generated pool. Once the fight is over Warriors taken from the pool get back in it.
  • Each fight will be set in turn. During his turn each Player will assign to the Warriors assets from his Wallet or from a random generated pool. Once the fight is over assets taken from the pool get back in it.
  • At the end of each fight Players will receive $TWAR reward and Ranking Points for Trading Warriors Leaderboard.

  • $TWAR is the Trading Warriors token.
  • Here you can find $TWAR smart contract
  • $TWAR is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon Blockchain.
  • Total $TWAR supply is equal to tokens.
  • After Warriors NFT minting, $TWAR/$MATIC liquidity pool will be created.
  • $TWAR launch price is going to be announced with Warriors NFT mint.
  • $TWAR is the only Trading Warriors coin usable for buying or selling NFTs and Items on the Marketplace.

  • Winning a fight in PvE mode, Players will gain a $TWAR amount based on Captain level.
  • During HUNTING, Players will find Item NFTs usable for PvP or PvE and tradable in the Trading Warriors Marketplace.
  • Each $TWAR and Warriors NFTs holder will take part on profits generated from the Community Fund.

  • Level up is available through the “Training Area”.
  • To get into the “Training Area” Players need to pay a $TWAR fee based on Warrior NFT level.
  • $TWAR used to level up your Warrior NFT will be burned from total supply.

  • 20% of Warriors NFTs mint earnings will go to the Community Fund.
  • The Community Fund will receive earnings from Trading Warriors Algorithm.
  • Community Fund uses will always be Community driven.
  • As soon as the Governance platform is ready, Community proposals will be voted on it. 
  • Community fund could be used to: 
    • Stabilize $TWAR market price through token buyback from liquidity pool.
    • Distribute profits to $TWAR and Warriors NFTs Holders.
    • Give away prizes for Trading Warriors Tournaments.
    • Every other activity the Community would like to organize.

Here you can find all the info about Trading Warriors Game&Tokenomics: